Associate Sarah L. Cronin Quoted on Motley Crue’s “Final Tour”
January 30, 2014

Associate Sarah Cronin was quoted in the LA Weekly article, “Why Motley Crue's "Final Tour" Is a Bunch of Baloney.” The article discusses the band Motley Crue going on tour again and claiming that this tour will be their last. Due to suspicions that this claim is merely for generating hype and ticket sales, the band has signed a "Cessation Of Touring Agreement," effective at the close of their "Final Tour," claiming that they'll break up and never tour again. Sarah notes that this agreement doesn’t have much legal basis for the public. She is quoted in the article saying, "while the band members themselves could enter into an enforceable agreement not to tour as Motley Crue anymore, there's no scenario I can imagine where a member of the public could enforce the agreement against the band. There's likely nothing stopping the band from dissolving the agreement in the future if they all agree to it."

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