Asian Business Newsweekly and China Business Newsweekly Quote Partner David A. Hartquist
July 28, 2010

Partner David Hartquist was quoted in an article, “SSTTAC Members Express Concern About Dumped Imports,” featured in both Asian Business Newsweekly and China Business Newsweekly. It discussed the Stainless Steel Tube Trade Advancement Committee’s (SSTTAC) concern about the increase in dumped imports from foreign producers. David serves as counsel to the SSTTAC, and said “the Chinese prices in the market tend to be 25 to 50 percent lower than prevailing market prices."

"China is not the only example, however. We're also looking at data regarding Korea, Japan, and other countries," David said. "We will keep an eye on this situation in coming months and take appropriate actions if U.S. trade laws and the rules of the World Trade Organization are being violated."