American Metal Market Quotes Partner Skip Hartquist on Trump’s Preference in Section 232 Investigation
July 5, 2017
Partner Skip Hartquist was quoted in the American Metal Market article “Trump risks blunder if 232 too blunt: attorney.” Rather than a hybrid approach of a mix of tariff and quotas, Trump conveyed his preference for a 25% duty on steel imports. "We'll see how it all shakes out over time. But it's a messy situation for sure," Skip noted.

In prior 232 investigations, a 35-page questionnaire was sent out from Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security to support Commerce’s recommendations to the president. "They've skipped that process completely," Skip said. "I think they have been relying on the industry to report to them. But there hasn't been a clear, consistent method in gathering data. If you give relief only to the mills ... and you don't consider the possibility that foreign producers will just move 1 to 2 steps downstream and really hit our customers hard. That's not going to help the overall situation. That's going to potentially drive companies out of business or offshore."