American Metal Market Quotes Partner David A. Hartquist in Electrical Steel Article
November 10, 2010
Partner David Hartquist was quoted in the American Metal Market article, “US Electrical Steels on Split China, Japan Paths.” The article discussed efforts by the United States to reach a resolution over high duties slated to be imposed by China against imports of U.S. electrical steel. David represents Allegheny Ludlum, one of the U.S. producers that has brought a complaint regarding China’s proposed duties before the World Trade Organization. David projected that there will likely be a full dispute settlement panel proceeding sometime later on this year.

At the same time, U.S. producers have a potential case against Japan regarding accelerating imports of electrical steel. David said that in the past there were duties in effect on grain-oriented electrical steels from Japan and Italy, but the case was revoked after a second sunset review revealed imports had essentially stopped by 2006. Recently, he said, things have changed dramatically, noting that U.S. grain-oriented electrical steel imports from Japan have surged to an estimated annual rate of 24,000 tonnes for this year from less than 4,000 tonnes in 2009.