American Metal Market Quotes Partner David A. Hartquist On Final GOES Dumping Margins
September 24, 2014

Partner David Hartquist was quoted in the American Metal Market article "Commerce sets final margins on Czech GOES." The article discusses the U.S. Commerce Department's evaluation of dumping margins for grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) from the Czech Republic. A margin of 35.93 percent was assessed on shipments from Sujani Enterprises Inc, while shipments from all other producers and exporters in the Czech Republic were assessed at 13.76. David, who represents the domestic GOES industry  said, "We are pleased by (Commerce's) announcement that (GOES) from the Czech Republic is being dumped in the United States at significant margins. This announcement confirms the domestic industry's belief that imports from the Czech Republic are competing unfairly in the U.S. market, and marks an important step in the domestic industry's efforts to obtain relief from the injury caused by unfairly traded imports."