American Metal Market Monthly Features Partner David Hartquist on Cold-Finished Bar Case
June 21, 2016

Partner David Hartquist was featured in the American Metal Market Monthly article “Cold-Finish Bar Case Still on Group's Radar.” A potential trade case against imports of cold-finished bar is still being considered by Cold-Finished Steel Bar Institute (CFSBI) members, although no action is immediately expected. The Institute is represented by David. He noted that, "Members of the CFSBI are very concerned about import trends on their products, like most other sectors of the steel industry." He went on say that, "Probably the most important factor in considering a potential trade case is what's happening to (import) market penetration," he said. "This is a much smaller industry compared to some of the big carbon steel producers, but cold-finished bar is obviously the lifeblood for companies that produce it."

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