Ad Age Quotes Partner Gonzalo E. Mon on Microsoft’s Native Ad Campaign
January 24, 2014

Partner Gonzalo Mon was quoted in the Ad Age article "Microsoft, Machinima 'Native' Ad YouTube Blunder Risks FTC Ire." The article discusses how native advertising can get advertisers into trouble, and cites Microsoft's recent campaign with Machinima, a YouTube network, that featured positive promotion of the Xbox One gaming console without disclosing that these were sponsored videos. Gonzalo explained that the FTC has been insistent that companies need to make it very clear when content is advertising, but if "[the FTC] were to start an investigation and find that Microsoft had the right policy in place and once [Microsoft] found out that it hadn't been followed, they took steps to quickly rectify that, the FTC shouldn't pursue anything further because Microsoft will likely have done exactly what the FTC wanted."