Abilene Reporter-News Features Travis Cushman, Kelley Drye Webinar
November 26, 2016

Associate Travis Cushman was featured in the Abilene Reporter-News article “What to expect when you're expecting change under Trump.” The article notes that since the election, the legal community has investigated Trump’s authority once sworn in to strike one, several, or all of the directives ordered by the Obama administration. It goes on to cite a recent webinar presented by Travis in which he said executive orders issued by Obama are freely revocable, but regulations could present a more complicated problem. Interpretive rules, policy statements, guidance documents and other regulatory documents can be easily revoked by the new administration. Travis went on to say that the new president can place a moratorium on new rules, withdraw proposed rules and postpone effective dates of rules. He also can propose changes to rules that have been finalized, but they must then go through the regulatory process all over again.

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