On October 26, 2016, partner Dana B. Rosenfeld, along with Professor Chris Hoofnagle from UC Berkeley Law, will present "Privacy and Security Lessons from the FTC’s 100-Year History and Activities in Other Areas" at the Privacy + Security Forum Conference in Washington, D.C.

This Consumer Privacy & Security session will discuss key lessons from Professor Hoofnagle's recent book on the FTC’s 100-year history and how it relates to the FTC’s privacy and security activities. For example, what do the FTC’s activities in advertising law teach us about the FTC’s privacy and security cases? Understanding the FTC’s history, culture, and internal tensions are key to better interacting with the FTC on privacy and security matters. This session will deeply explore the dynamics of the FTC’s privacy and security division, with insights into strategy and how to anticipate the FTC’s next privacy and security moves.