Partner Kristi Wolff will particpate on a panel "Part Two – Labeling, Packaging & Marketing Do’s and Don’ts for Your eCommerce Business" at the Food & Beverage Exchange.  The panel will discuss specific issues that tend to be most problematic for food and beverage companies once an eCommerce business/platform is up and running. As more and more products are offered for sale via online sites (many of which your company may not have control over) it can be very difficult for the manufacturer to properly vet and control claims made about your products Who is ultimately responsible – the eCommerce vendor, the manufacturer, the ingredient supplier, the retailer? The panel will also explore timely issues around MLM and affiliate marketing, exploring key topics including product labeling and packaging as well as tips for remaining in control of the conversation with your consumer when your products are sold via different digital platforms.

The panel will include Kristi, Valeria Madamba, Food Regulatory Counsel, Blue Apron and Alysse Giallourakis, Senior Corporate Counsel, Advertising, The J.M. Smucker Corporation.

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