Partner Joseph Philip Forte will moderate “Macro-Economic Viewpoint 2017: Is the Bubble About to Burst?” at the IMN Borrower & Investor Forum on Real Estate Mezzanine Financing & Subordinated Debt conference. The panel will cover the following:

  • Is the US headed for another recession? Where are fundamentals and how are the different CRE asset classes faring/what is their outlook? Where are prices/valuations? Is the CRE market in the ninth inning? What do we have ahead in 2017?
  • Interest rates: When will they rise, by how much and what can we expect the impact to be on CRE finance? The different CRE asset classes?
  • What effect will the Fed continuing to raise the federal funds rate have on the mezzanine/sub debt market?
  • Is Brexit a positive development for US CRE? What opportunities does it open/close in European CRE? How far behind the US is Europe in terms of economic recovery?
  • What impact is China’s slowdown having on the US CRE market? To what degree have sources of CRE finance dried up; are they being replaced and, if so, from where?
  • What is the 2017 outlook for global economic/political instability and the likely subsequent impact on US domestic and international CRE? What can we expect from the Fed as a result?

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