Partner Matt Luzadder will be addressing issues related to Illinois’ legalization of recreational weed along with IL State Rep. Kelly Cassidy, and Oak Park Police Chief LaDon Reynolds on December 5, 2019. This presentation is hosted by Lunch@65West.

The presentation aired locally later that month and a recording is available here. Matt's segment begins at 26:30.

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Everything Employers & Citizens Need to Know*
(*But Didn't Know Whom to Ask)

Illinois’ legalization of recreational weed presents new challenges and issues for employers, municipalities, law enforcement, health care providers, and individuals. It raises questions affecting (1) Drug-free workplace rules and rights; (2) Current testing technology for THC levels in the blood; (3) Home Rule jurisdictions banning marijuana-related retailers; (4) Arrest record expungement; and many more issues for which rules are not yet drafted.