With employment tests becoming common practice, are you using the best tests for your organization and more importantly, are they legal?
Testing employees before or during employment may seem desirable, but as tests become more common in employment, it is important for employers to think about the legal implications of the testing they are doing. The EEOC has recently challenged the pre-employment tests of a number of employers, and employers must understand the need to carefully validate any such tests before implementing them. This topic will help employers understand the legal ramifications of utilizing pre-employment tests, as well as provide information regarding the different types of tests that can be implemented. The material will also explain how to assess whether tests have a disparate impact that could subject the employer to legal ramifications and will explain how to properly validate a test to ensure it is truly testing the abilities that workers need on the job. Failing to properly validate a pre-employment test can lead to costly investigations, charges, and lawsuits from the EEOC, applicants, and employees.
Senior associate Jennifer Fischer will cover the following discussion topics:
  • Discuss pre-employment testing.

  • Review testing during employment and potential liability.

  • Explain best practices for testing and selection.

  • Describe the validation of pre-employment tests.

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