Every winter, partners and associates from top Washington, D.C. law firms visit with diverse students at a number of east coast law schools in what is known as the “D.C. Road Show.”

The D.C. Road Show was established about four decades ago by a group of D.C. based law firms to encourage and attract African American law students to practice in large Washington law firms. It has since grown into a popular and annual event where panels of attorneys at all experience levels candidly discuss the practice of law from an African American perspective. Topics covered include handling interviews, managing grades, choosing a practice area, and succeeding in a large firm.

Associate Denise Smith represented Kelley Drye in the 2011 D.C. Road Show.

When asked about the success of the Georgetown Road Show, Ms. Smith, one of the 10 panelists at Georgetown Law School said, “The event was attended by students of a variety of ethnicities, including African-Americans and Asian-Americans, and was particularly beneficial because the panelists were able to provide candid advice and guidance based on our experience as minorities working in the legal field. The Road Show provided students with an opportunity to ask questions and get perspectives typically unavailable elsewhere.”

Kelley Drye is an active partner in the D.C. Road Show and the D.C. Office looks forward to participating again next year.