On September 10, 2012 partner Sarah Roller spoke at the Food and Drug Law Institute's conference, "U.S. & Brazil: Navigating New Frontiers in Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Food Law and Regulation." As Brazil has emerged as a worldwide leader in innovation and development in the pharmaceutical and food industries, the country has increasingly become the focus of multinational companies and new medical device startup companies. For the same reasons, it has also become the focus of import-export policy and regulation by both the US Food and Drug Administration and the Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency. The two-day FDLI U.S.-Brazil conference provided insights into business opportunities and the various legal and policy challenges of producing and exchanging safe products and promoting public health between these two nations.

Ms. Roller presented at the session, "Defining Food in Brazil and the United States," which addressed the structural similarities and difference between the Brazilian and U.S. federal agencies responsible for overseeing food safety and labeling. She also offered guidance on how to effectively communicate with Brazilian and U.S. officials on food-related issues and how to navigate important jurisdictional distinctions and interactions between the various regulatory bodies of both countries.

Kelley Drye & Warren was a Diamond Sponsor of the event.

For more information, please visit the FDLI conference website.