Please join us in Chicago for a half-day workshop covering the latest advertising and privacy law developments. This interactive event will provide an update on crucial consumer protection issues, deliver practical guidance and benchmarking, and offer an opportunity to connect with peers across a variety of industries.

Because space is limited, this workshop is by invitation only. If you have a colleague who might be interested, please contact:
FTC Update
For the first time since its inception, the FTC has a full slate of new commissioners and will hold a series of historic multi-day public hearings examining its past and future policy and enforcement approach. Where will enforcement priorities end up? How will risk analysis change going forward? This session will be a discussion of what is happening at the FTC and the practical ramifications for industry.
Understanding the New Privacy Programs
Just as companies were crossing the May 25 compliance deadline for GDPR, California entered the privacy fray with the California Consumer Privacy Act. Meanwhile, the plaintiffs' bar has its fingerprints all over the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act. This session will break down these rules, address compliance questions, and provide best practices for risk management.
Emerging Advertising Technologies
Does your company use blockchain? No, it’s not your kid’s latest video game. (That’s Fortnite.) Emerging technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, augmented and virtual reality and interest-based advertising have the potential to change the way companies function and how they reach consumers. This session will address how new tech fits in with existing law and the related consumer protection considerations.
Direct To Consumer: Things You Need To Know If You’re Selling Online
Whether it’s meal kits, wine samples, or shaving products, the subscription model has gained momentum in recent years. Companies in this space can manage their risk by staying on top of the rules relating to disclosures, including the Restore Online Shoppers Confidence Act, California-specific disclosure requirements, influencer advertising, and product reviews. Also, everyone—including the plaintiffs' bar—loves free shipping. This session will get everyone up to speed on the latest in the consumer class actions relating to shipping and handling promotions.
Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Update
The number of TCPA lawsuits has increased nearly 50 percent in the past three years with most claims alleging autodialed calls or texts without the required consent or do-not-call claims. If your company is engaged in customer outreach and direct marketing, it is likely that you will eventually face one or more TCPA lawsuits. This session will provide an update on key TCPA developments and provide critical steps that a company can take to bolster its TCPA class action defense.