Partner Bert Theeuwes will speak at the session, “Accommodating Mental Health Disabilities in the Workplace,” at the International Bar Association Annual Conference on October 12, 2016. This session will answer the difficult – sometimes even taboo – questions around accommodating employees with mental health issues: who gets to say who suffers from a mental disorder that rises to a jurisdiction’s definition of ‘disability’? When can an employer subject to a disability quota demand its staff provide proof of mental health issues? Does an employee with mental health issues who comes forward seeking reasonable accommodation risk inevitable workplace discrimination? When is a mental disability too severe to accommodate? What liability does an employer have when staff with mental health issues injure co-workers or customers? To what extent do substance abuse disabilities merit accommodation? How can a jurisdiction outlaw illegal drugs while simultaneously forcing employers to accommodate employees because they use illegal drugs?

Kelley Drye is part of the official Conference Host Committee.

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