On March 10, 2004, the FCC initiated a major rulemaking to set the rules for regulation of Internet Protocol (IP) enabled services, the most well known of which is VoIP. The rise of IP challenges the key assumptions on which communications networks, and regulation of those networks, are predicated. Packets routed across a global network with multiple access points defy jurisdictional boundaries. Will VoIP be regulated? Will VoIP providers have to pay access charges? Will universal service contributions apply? What will be the state's role in overseeing VoIP?

These and many other key questions will determine the future of voice over the Internet. Come and hear our regulatory experts explain the FCC's decision, review other important pending VoIP matters and predict future developments.

Kelley Drye's senior partners in the Communications practice group will lead a discussion of what these new regulations could mean for the future of your company. All consumers and all Internet applications will be affected.

The deadline for filing comments is 60 days after Federal Register publication of the NPRM, or about May 14.