Startup Workbench Webinar Series

Launching a startup requires innovative ideas, hard work, good timing, and luck. You, the student entrepreneurs, are addressing the technical, scientific and financial issues in your venture. Now, you must deal with the usual legal issues confronted by startups. The formation of a startup company and its financing may appear deceptively simple. But, a startup faces a multitude of complex legal issues which, if mishandled, can have a substantial and sometimes irreparable negative impact on its business. These areas include, among others, intellectual property, intra-company relationships, securities issuance and ownership, tax, trade secrets, employment, and competition issues. Addressing them thoroughly and competently is crucial to success. Avoiding mistakes is critical and we are here to help.

Join our Kelley Drye lawyers in helping Cornell Tech entrepreneurs address these issues.

Startup Employment Issues

Startups of all sizes face hiring challenges. Hiring is difficult and competitive, and welcoming new people into your organization can present “sleeper” employment law challenges and pitfalls that often go overlooked, much to the detriment of the bottom line. Furthermore, startups find it difficult to compete with the cash compensation offered by established companies. A common solution is to offer to the employee stock in the startup. This will enable the new hire to participate in the hoped-for success of the startup.

This webinar will discuss a few common employment law issues, as well as the securities and tax issues involved in stock compensation as to which a bit of advanced understanding and planning can do a great deal to minimize the downstream risks of expensive legal headaches.

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