The FTC has recently sent warning letters to hundreds of companies for allegedly falsely implying that products can be used to treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent COVID-19.  The FTC has also issued warning letters for implied earnings claims connected to the pandemic, alleging that some have overpromised on the financial opportunities available and misleadingly tied them to the pandemic.  These announcements have made clear that any claim mentioning COVID-19, the pandemic, or even “these times” will be closely scrutinized.

To help ensure your company isn’t next, please join us for a webinar covering the basics of advertising product and earnings claims, and how those should be applied during the pandemic. Discussion topics include:
  • Claim Substantiation and Puffery

  • Express and Implied Product Claims

  • Express and Implied Earnings Claims

  • Enforcement Examples and Takeaways

  • Monitoring Third Parties Making Claims on Your Behalf (Endorsers, Independent Distributors)

  • What to do if you receive a warning letter or other enforcement action

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is currently making or plans to make product claims or earnings claims, anyone new to claims or in need of a refresher should join us for this webinar.