WORKing Lunch Labor & Employment Webinar Series

New York, which has over 9.3 million workers and counting, will soon join other jurisdictions in a growing trend of state and local pay transparency requirements for employers across the country. Currently there are 17 states (and numerous cities) that have laws requiring pay transparency and/or prohibit salary inquiries by current/prospective employers. Additionally, the recent focus on pay equity laws, both state and federal, has served as a catalyst for increased scrutiny by government agencies and resulted in an uptick in related class action lawsuits in recent years. While transparency is generally a virtue, compliance with the ever-evolving pay transparency and pay equity laws across multiple jurisdictions can create a quagmire of issues in attracting and retaining talent—not to mention the HR and legal landmines.

This webinar will cover:
  • New pay transparency laws

  • Review of pay equity and salary history ban laws

  • Insights on compliance

  • Practical implications for talent acquisition and retention

This webinar is part of the 2022 WORKing Lunch Series. Click here for more information.