Partner Mike Ryan and Associate Deepak Nambiar hosted the Outsourcing Institute's "Outsourcing 2.0 Mixer." Approximately 50 professionals working in the outsourcing services area attended the event, including but not limited to executives from AIG, Citigroup, EDS, Manpower Associates, McGraw-Hill and the NYSE Group.

The mixer brought together both providers and consumers of outsourcing services with a focus on presenting educational opportunities in an environment facilitating networking by the attendees. In addition to small group sessions, the event included a presentation by Managing Director, Research at EquaTerra, Stan Lepeak and a "Best Outsourcing Thought Leadership" awards ceremony.

The networking sessions provided guests with the opportunity to meet, interact and socialize. The organized categories of discussion, within the networking sessions, focused on the critical areas for outsourcing solutions, including global sourcing, governance and benchmarking.

The main outsourcing points addressed were (1) What are the characteristics of a global service delivery model in today's market? (2) How can buyers take advantage of global sourcing opportunities while still ensuring the integrity and performance of the service delivery chains? (3) How will current economic uncertainty and geopolitical events impact global sourcing?

Wrapping up the evening, the Outsourcing Institute presented the Thought Leadership Awards to several attendees. The awards were broken down into four specific groups, Procurement, Information Technology, Finance & Accounting and Human Resources.