In-house counsel are under mounting pressure to manage rising costs and gain more from their company’s legal expenditures. Yet, most law department leaders are over extended and have little, if any, time, human resources or money to spend to address the problem. Recognizing this, the Law Department Purchasing Consortium provides an exclusive marketplace where law department leaders and entrepreneurial-minded outside counsel and suppliers collaborate to improve efficiencies, control costs and deliver more value to corporate clients.

At this event, you’ll meet in-house counsel, law firm partners and legal suppliers leading this breakthrough approach. From their panel presentations, you will gain a better understanding of how collaborative efforts of these partnering-savvy buyers and sellers of legal services are producing new solutions that generate more time, value and resources and make the jobs of in-house counsel easier.

This unique program (a) highlights meaningful gains that can be achieved through effective use of alternative dispute resolution strategies and tools, and (b) introduces six practical approaches law departments can implement for improving efficiency and reducing costs without lifting a finger or spending a dime.