The number of VoIP consumers is expected to grow from 800,000 to about 4 million by the end of 2005. Local companies could benefit from increased demand, but they will face competition from communications industry giants such as Comcast and AOL.

The merged modalities of voice, video, data, text, imagery and sound, in the context of Internet-based software systems, will have a greater impact on the marketplace than VoIP alone.

This seminar features CLEC industry veterans who have recently launched a VoIP company. Tom Wynne, former CEO of LCI, and John Musci, former COO of IXTC Communications, combined forces to launch a VoIP company with Frank Scardino, former chairman of Atlas Communications. These successful entrepreneurs will share their vision of the VoIP business, together with Jonathan Ebinger, a private equity expert who has invested in many telcos. They will give their perspectives on the future of telecom and converged voice, video and web communication solutions. Please arrive at 7:30 AM for registration and networking.