In the past few years, the FCC has been increasingly active in enforcement matters, imposing large fines for violations of consumer protection rules and for non-compliance with various FCC program rules. The FCC and USAC employ multiple tools to enforce these rules. Each of these enforcement tools involves different processes, obligations and risks that can be as perplexing as they are critical to a successful outcome. As a result, an entity's response to an FCC or USAC proceeding must be undertaken carefully and tailored to the specific circumstances.

On June 11, 2013, Kelley Drye held a free webinar presentation that takes you through the critical elements of enforcement and investigations, based on our extensive experience counseling clients through the processes. The webinar featured a discussion of:

  • primary types of investigations and inquiries to which a regulated entity may be subject;
  • what to expect when faced with one of the investigations or inquiries;
  • trends in investigations and inquiries; and
  • best practices when responding to these inquiries and investigations.