What are you doing to protect your data and to prevent it from walking out the door?

Are you taking the steps you need to take to preserve your trade secrets and customers' privacy and data security?

What steps can you lawfully take?

All employees eventually leave, get fired, get RIF'd, or resign for greener pastures. Many of these employees have your data, business plans, client and customer contacts, product information, formulae and trade secrets. Some want to use this valuable information for their own benefit -- to network, get a new job, or, worse, steal your clients or products.

Join Kelley Drye instructors to learn how to protect your company's assets, comply with state and federal regulations while doing so, and preserve the integrity and privacy of electronically stored information managed by departing employees and of your customers and business partners.

In this program, you will learn the various aspects of this multidisciplinary area:
  • Structuring your employment agreements with preventive measures to avoid disputes down the road; and handling claims successfully when they do arise

  • Protecting and organizing data such that only the necessary employees have access on an as-needed basis without interrupting efficient flow of business

  • What constitutes trade secrets and knowing your rights in protecting it proactively and reactively

  • How and when to bring claims against former employees for theft of trade secrets

  • Insurance coverage, litigation claims and e-discovery
We will walk you through the process of managing departing employees and protecting data and assets, while we discuss the liabilities and contingencies you need to be prepared to handle.

In accordance with the requirements of the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board, this non-transitional continuing legal education program is not approved for the newly admitted attorney within the first two years of admission to the Bar. Receive 2.0 New York General CLE Credit Hours.
Cocktail reception to follow.