CAN YOU AFFORD: the cost of defending, the negative publicity, the appeals process, the settlement negotiations, the financial penalties of a less-than-favorable decision for your company?

Any company with a critical mass of employees is vulnerable to employment class actions; and successfully fending defending one doesn't necessarily mean that your company is off the hook for future compliance scrutiny by state and federal agencies, or from copycat suits down the line. Employing an early-warning system for employment claims and working proactively to minimize the exposure to class actions can benefit a company enormously. Consider that employment class actions have recorded some of the largest settlements in class history and the Department of Labor has released data reflecting that these suits are on the rise nationwide.

At Kelley Drye's Employment Class Action program, you will learn some of the practical steps needed to identify and avoid possible signs of employment claims without having to deploy an expensive compliance program. Discussed are the strategies to successfully defend these class actions. Finally, the program will touch on areas projected to be targets of employment claims with potential for class status.

Learn about how you can prevent or defend employment class actions successfully.

In accordance with the requirements of the New York State Legal Education Board, this non-transitional continuing legal education program is not approved for the newly-admitted attorney within the first two years of admission to the Bar. Receive 2.0 New York General CLE Credit Hours.
Cocktail reception to follow.