When the competition heats up, marketers tend to push the envelope on their advertising. But what are the legal limits on the claims you can make in ads and marketing materials? What type of proof do you need to support your claims when you are challenged? How can you use disclosures? What are your privacy and data security obligations?

This program explored how advertising laws apply in traditional media, as well as how they apply in social media. The presenters outlined key principles, showed ads from companies that got it wrong, and provided tips for staying out of trouble.

Receive 2 NY General CLE credit hours

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CLE Credit Opportunity

In accordance with the requirements of the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board, this non-transitional continuing legal education program is not approved for newly-admitted attorneys.

CLE credit for this program may be available in certain jurisdictions. If you are interested in applying to receive CLE credit, please include your desired CLE jurisdiction(s) and your bar registration number when you sign in at registration on the day of the program.