Work and Professional Development

Developing Lawyers and Leaders

At Kelley Drye, we’re invested in your success.  At every level of practice, from your first year as an associate and along the path to partnership, we support professional development.  The firm’s Associate Training and Development Committee and supportive, individual mentorship foster continuous growth and development of our lawyers.  Careers are long; whether you have a lifelong career at Kelley Drye, or pursue one of the many opportunities open to you, our goal is to make sure your time here will be worthwhile.

We know being successful in today’s legal market requires more than just top-notch legal skills.  Beginning on day one, we educate you about the business you’ve chosen. For example:

  • Business of Law Education―During first-year orientation and throughout your career we teach you about the business of law, in meetings with senior firm leadership and with training programs.

  • Business Plans―Every attorney at the firm drafts a business plan that is incorporated into the practice group’s business plan.  Associates execute that business plan with support—practical and financial—from practice group leaders who are proven business generators.  Business plans develop and become more sophisticated as your experience and contacts grow.

  • Individual business development budgets for senior associates―Senior associates have business development funds to use at their discretion to further solidify their external network.

  • Networking events for associates―The firm sponsors events for you and your contacts.  We want you to start thinking about yourself as a potential business generator early on.

  • Internal networking

    • Our mentoring program helps our newest associates and summer associates create meaningful personal and professional relationships with more senior attorneys

    • Whether you join an affinity group, lead a community service effort or learn about one another’s practice, we encourage you to participate.

    • Each office holds a variety of social events throughout the year. These include happy hours, March Madness viewing parties, an annual Game Night and more.

Keeping You on the Path to Success.

In addition to business fundamentals, the Associate Training & Development Committee supports training initiatives and learning opportunities for your professional advancement including:

  • Multi-day first year associate orientation

  • Practice-specific training curriculums led by internal subject matter experts

  • A writing hotline, and one-on-one coaching with a legal writing consultant

  • Shadow training opportunities―in the modern version of on-the-job training, working side-by-side with our attorneys will teach you how to think on your feet during a deposition or negotiation. We encourage all of our attorneys to take advantage of shadow training opportunities, and encourage our partners to provide them.

  • Pro Bono representations for  hands-on experience

We are confident that wherever your career takes you, the fundamental legal and business skills gained during your time at Kelley Drye will prove invaluable.