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Kelley Drye’s CLE Catalog provides a menu of continuing legal education content that can be tailored for presentation to your legal department and business professionals.

Use the filters below to browse topics by practice or industry, and please contact us if you would like to discuss a customized CLE presentation for your team.  Seminars can be presented on-site at your office, when safe to do so, or via webinar.

Kelley Drye is an accredited provider of NY, CA, IL and TX CLE and, when possible these programs will offer continuing legal education credits in those states. We will apply for CLE credit in other jurisdictions, upon request, but cannot guarantee approval. 

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Labor and Employment Litigation, Labor and Employment Counseling and Compliance, Labor and Employment, COVID-19 Response
As the Delta variant runs rampant, employers continue to struggle with the many significant employment impacts of COVID-19, both direct and indirect. The Kelley Drye Labor and Employment group has continued to monitor fast-changing developments and the ever-evolving guidance in response. With a pandemic that is not nearly behind us, what should employers do regarding vaccination, accommodations for those who can’t get vaccinated, employee privacy issues in connection with proof of vacci...
Communications, Communications Regulation, Communications Enforcement, Investigations and Audits, Government Relations and Public Policy, International Telecoms, Communications Business and Strategic Planning, Closing the Digital Divide and Enabling Connected Life
In this session, our communications attorneys review the state of the federal Universal Service Fund.  The session provides an in-depth look at all four USF programs and the USF contribution mechanism, highlighting major developments in the last year and trends for the upcoming year.  In addition, this year we will discuss how the ongoing pandemic has influenced the importance of the USF and related policy decisions. This webinar supplements the knowledge our clients gain from ...
Bankruptcy and Restructuring, Finance and Lending, Corporate, COVID-19 Response
KEYWORDS: COVID-19, Corporate
In this program our bankruptcy and restructuring attorneys will discuss the resources available to avoid financial troubles, the legal strategies involved in minimizing financial troubles during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the strategies that will help businesses emerging from the pandemic financially intact.    
Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate
In this session, our corporate and M&A attorneys will provide an in-depth analysis of the fundamentals of M&A due diligence, review the critical legal issues and risks associated with M&A transactions in the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as well as recent developments and trends that will help organizations maximize potential opportunities and mitigate risks.  
Advertising Litigation, Advertising Counseling and Compliance, Securities Litigation and Enforcement, Litigation, COVID-19 Response
The FTC has sent warning letters to hundreds of companies who suggested that their products can be used to prevent, treat, or cure COVID-19. The FTC has also issued warning letters for implied earnings claims connected to the pandemic, alleging that some companies have overpromised on the financial opportunities available. This session addresses the legal considerations companies should be aware of when marketing during these unique times to avoid consumer and competitor lawsuits, government ...
Campaign Finance and Political Law
In this session, our political law attorneys will give an introduction to laws and regulations governing participation in the political process.  We will provide a general overview of “political” laws governing lobbying, campaign finance, gifts, and other contacts with legislative and executive branch officials and employees.  This program can be tailored to be topical and news-focused.  It can address the current outlook in Washington, as well as the make-up of Con...
Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate
Due to the economic uncertainty created by COVID-19, buyers and sellers of companies are less likely to predict the future performance of a target business, and M&A transactions are more likely to include earnouts (and in more significant amounts) than before. Earnouts can be useful in allocating the future risks and rewards of a target business but have become more challenging to design and implement in the current economic environment. In this session, our M&A attorneys will ex...
Fashion and Retail, Corporate, Manufacturing, Generic Pharmaceutical Litigation and Counseling
KEYWORDS: COVID-19, Corporate
The current pandemic has brought to light the importance of global supply chain agreements. If a U.S. company has a supply agreement with an entity outside of the U.S. and COVID-19-related consequences have disrupted the supply chain, does a force majeure provision apply, and which law governs to make that determination? Like all contracts, supply chain agreements devote considerable planning to address and allocate the risks of disruption and nonperformance. This session will identify p...
Government Relations and Public Policy, White Collar, Investigations and Compliance, Litigation, COVID-19 Response
The COVID-19 pandemic has led many businesses to accept federal funds under the CARES Act and other federally funded relief programs. However, although these programs have provided an essential lifeline to businesses around the country, they have also exposed some recipients to greater scrutiny and civil and criminal investigations. In this session, our attorneys will discuss the latest government enforcement priorities, with a focus on civil and criminal fraud, CARES Act and COVID-...
Labor and Employment Litigation, Labor and Employment Counseling and Compliance, Labor and Employment, COVID-19 Response
Workplace employment and pre-employment testing related to aptitude, personality, skills and even substance abuse is common place and may even seem desirable for many employers. But with new and stricter national and local laws, including regarding testing employees for COVID-19, there are serious legal implications to consider.  In this program, our employment lawyers will walk employers through the complexities of testing and detail best practices.  
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