Kelley Drye


Professional Development

“I started my career at Kelley Drye as a summer associate and have been fortunate to learn from many colleagues throughout my career at the firm. I believe that the firm's finest tradition is the practice of our senior attorneys passing along the training and knowledge they received to the next generation of attorneys who choose Kelley Drye as a place to work.

In that tradition, Kelley Drye's Associate Training & Development Committee creates training programs for associates in all of the firm's offices. We use experienced attorneys at Kelley Drye and outside consultants to provide professional development programs. The Committee also organizes a wide array of fun, social networking opportunities, as well as the firm's mentoring program, so that associates can enjoy coming to work at Kelley Drye.”


Keeping you on the path to success.

Kelley Drye is committed to the professional development, mentoring and career growth of our lawyers at all levels. The firm's Associate Training and Development Committee hosts and supports numerous initiatives ranging from a first year associate orientation program to in-house training seminars and workshops.

Associates receive practice-specific training provided by individual groups through meetings and structured programs. To aid in the learning process, informal feedback from individual practice groups is part of an associate's training and development. On a more formal level, the firm conducts annual performance reviews and bi-annual reviews for first and second year associates.

Our mentoring program helps new associates and summer associates develop personal and professional relationships with more senior associates and partners.

Associates are also encouraged to further broaden their legal skills and gain experience by taking on a pro bono case under the supervision of a partner. Not only is it a great learning experience but also a wonderful opportunity to give back to our local, national and global communities.

While training workshops and seminars build a solid foundation, the best education comes from working side-by-side with attorneys who will teach you how to draft a winning brief, think on your feet, solve business problems and help the firm's clients meet their goals.

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