Kelley Drye


Summer Program

We know that as a law student you may not yet have a clear idea of the direction your legal career will go. The summer associate program in New York is designed to help you sharpen your focus on what your future as a practicing attorney might look like at Kelley Drye. We provide you with firsthand experience working at our firm, with our people and in our legal practices. Our program is hands-on and it's hard work, but you will end your summer with a sense of accomplishment. The summer program at Kelley Drye is a strong and long-standing tradition. Dynamic, well-rounded summer associates are the key to Kelley Drye's future: so as we shape your professional future, you are, in fact, shaping ours.

Assignments and Evaluations

A summer at Kelley Drye is fast-paced and busy. Kelley Drye lawyers invest their time and energy to provide you with a true sense of what it is like to practice law at the firm. They give summer associates real assignments, often with tight deadlines and always with high expectations. We trust our summer associates to step into the firm and roll up their sleeves. As a result, summer associates start to learn immediately and continue to build skills, knowledge and confidence as the summer goes on. You will work on challenging, substantive legal matters and receive constructive feedback on your work. Twice during the summer, midway through and again at the end, you will receive a formal, comprehensive review. We also encourage summer associates to go after feedback on their own as they complete each assignment.


The firm devotes substantial resources to the training and development of our associates, and we mirror that commitment to learning and growth during our summer program. As a summer associate you will learn about the firm's practice areas and clients during formal presentations by our practice group leaders and other lawyers in each practice group. Summer associates are also invited to join junior associates in formal training programs presented by both Kelley Drye lawyers and professional specialists outside of the firm, such as: how to take and defend a deposition; legal writing workshops and negotiating and oral advocacy skills. Training also occurs informally all summer, as summer associates accompany our lawyers to court and observe hearings, trials and arbitrations. Our summer associates also attend client meetings, participate in practice group meetings or lunches and work alongside lawyers on trial or transaction teams.

Additional training and guidance also comes directly from our lawyers as part of our mentor program. You will be matched with junior and more experienced attorney mentors who provide continuing personal and professional guidance as you navigate the summer program and the firm. The mentor program provides opportunities to meet and get to know your mentors socially so that summer associates have a network of support all summer long.

Social Events

While work assignments and skills training help you understand what we do at Kelley Drye, our summer program social events will help you get to know who we are. You will enjoy time with fellow summer associates and attorneys at concerts and theater, sporting events, cocktail receptions and dinners. We also encourage our attorneys to take summer associates to lunch regularly to help summer associates develop strong relationships with their future colleagues.
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