Kelley Drye


New York

New York is more than Kelley Drye's home city: it is where many global corporations and institutions make their headquarters and pursue their ambitious agendas. This translates into sophisticated lawyering opportunities for everyone at the firm.

Our New York summer program is designed to show you what it's really like to practice as a junior associate at the firm. As a summer associate you are given the opportunity to work in as many practice groups and with as many attorneys as possible. Work assignments in New York are handled centrally through the recruiting department. Our recruiting team starts to work closely with each summer associate even before the summer program begins to understand your interests. During the summer program they assign new projects with an eye toward helping you achieve your goals and helping the lawyers at the firm meet client demands.

Kelley Drye offers more than 20 practice areas in New York, covering a broad range of legal matters - from corporate transactions, to litigation, to environmental, to real estate, to tax and many others. For summer associates, such a breadth of practice in one office means you will be able to individually craft a diverse experience that spans many clients and practice areas. We offer challenging and demanding assignments to help you discover what we do, and where you think your talent and interests might take you within our firm.

In New York, you will also learn about our practice groups through individual practice area presentations hosted by each department. To round out your professional experience, we teach practical skills, such as learning how to take and defend depositions, and provide opportunities to see what our lawyers do as you observe trials or arbitrations, or directly participate in corporate transactions.

We strive for our summer associates to fully experience the range of practice areas we have and hope that they develop lawyering skills as they complete the projects they are assigned. But the summer program in our New York office is not only about working like a lawyer for the firm. We also hope our summer associates will focus on building lasting professional and personal relationships with our lawyers during their time in midtown Manhattan. Lawyers and summer associates might socialize at a Yankees game, a cocktail party at a trendy New York city venue or during our evening sail along the Hudson River. A trip to a just-released Broadway show is a summer program tradition.

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